Top 5 Anabolic Steroids

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

Steroids are the drugs that induce the growth of certain hormones in your body that help in the growth and repair of your body and muscles. Some people consume them in the form of tablets to cure muscle pain and other hormonal problems. You might have seen young bodybuilders with bulky bodies, some of them might have achieved it by a strict diet and gym routine but some achieve it by taking anabolic steroids.

Popular Anabolic Steroids

1) Dianabol

These are the most favorite steroids of the bodybuilders and are the most consumed because they help grow the muscles very fast. It came into the market in the early 60’s and has been very successful ever since.

2) Nandrolone

This steroid is also one of the most popular steroids designed by Oraganon Company in 1962. It is excellent for gaining mass and muscle and has less side effects of aromatization. It is two times as anabolic as the steroid testosterone but its androgenic effects are five times less than the testosterone.

3) Testosterone

This steroid is popular for the extremely rapid growth of muscles in the body. It exists in the market in various esters but the one that is sold the most is the testosterone with four esters called the Sustanon 250. Sustanon has been associated with the rapid lean muscle gain for a long time.

4) Winstrol

This steroid was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in the year 1962. It has been extremely popular among the athletes because it helps o gain lean muscle mass while losing weight at the same time. It also helps to increase the quantities of red blood cells in the body and reduces the retention of water in the body which ultimately helps to gain a good quality of lean muscle. It is widely and popularly used by footballers, athletes, and boxers because it helps to melt extra fat in the body while giving you good quality lean muscle. Moreover, it does not have any side effects on your body and boost performance.


This steroid is also loved and popularly consumed by the athletes. Because it has almost no androgenic effects it is one of the safest steroids available in the market. It was first designed for veterinary use but now it is popularly consumed by the athletes as it helps to give them a more lean, dense but sustainable and smaller physique. It has been proved as one of the best steroids in the market with almost no side effects on the body. Moreover, it also helps to increase appetite which eventually helps you to gain mass.

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